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Industrial DIN rail PCs Series

Industrial DIN rail PCs Series

The NET and MIRO Series include a wide range of standard models. In addition, the strength of LexSystem is customization with minimal additional costs.

In fact, customized and OEM/ODM (Original Equipment Manufacturer/Original Design Manufacturer) products make up the majority of the production. Depending on the product and the changes required, the manufacturer accepts the minimum order quantity from 30pcs.

From the wide range of MIRO and NET series, we have chosen the NET-I model with dimensions of only 30 x 106 x 85mm, the MIRO-3-3 model with six COM ports and something in between, MIRO-2-2 with four COM ports.

Single board computers (SBC) are designed in modularity and interchangeability in the mind. Fixed position of external connectors and processor assembled on the solder side allow using the same enclosure without customization for more SBCs.

Two to four of RS232 interfaces are connected to D-SUB9 connectors on the SBC’s PCB, the remaining ones are connected to internal connectors. It allows connecting the remaining RS232 interface to D-SUB9 panel connectors or to COM converters that convert RS232 to RS422/485 (CC004), isolated RS232 (CC102), isolated RS422/485 (CC104) or isolated RS485 interface with screw terminal (CC105).

Super I/O chip provides digital inputs (DI) and outputs (DO) connected to connectors. This makes it easy to add 8 DI or 8DO or 4DI + 4DO with galvanic isolation by using the CIO108 module. LexSystem provides utility for Windows and Linux operating system which allows setting the DO state and read status of the DI.

Industrial DIN-rail PCs are compatible with Linux and Windows 10 64-bit operating systems. You can download Windows drivers from the Download section. Linux drivers are included with kernel, in case you would need out-of-tree drivers, please check LexWiki.


MIRO-3-3 case provides:

● 2 GbE ports
● 4 USB 3.0 ports
6 COM ports
● COM5 and COM6 can be replaced by COM port converter modules
● VGA and DVI interface
● SBC with mPCIE full-size slot + SIM card holder for 3G/LTE module (MPCE2)
● MPCE1 slot has SATA/PCIe auto detection, so it is possible to use this slot for the mPCIe card, Wi-Fi for example
● DC power jack 2.5mm/5.5mm and plugin terminal block – DC input 9 to 36V DC
● Plugin terminal block – DC output 5V/0.5A and 12V/0.5A
● A pre-punched hole for CIO108 digital input, output module
● Pre-punched holes for two SMA/R-SMA antenna connectors
● Dimension 91 x 178 x 116mm

The enclosure can be assembled by 3.5” SBC 3I610CW-EC0, 3I385AW-D90 or 3I390AW-N40. The section below describes differences between them.

MIRO-3-3 enclosure is also available with SBC 3I380CW-I44 (Intel Atom E3845) offering a different number of interfaces.

● RAM: On-board 4GB
● Storage: SATA 2 2.5” SSD, mSATA full-size in MPCE1 slot
● Expansion: mPCIE full-size slot + SIM card holder for 3G/LTE (MPCE2)
● MPCE1 slot has SATA/PCIe auto detection, so an additional mPCIe card like Wi-Fi can be inserted into MPCE1
● Super I/O chip: F75111N-1
● 2 GbE ports
● 3 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0 ports
● 4 RS232 COM ports
● All COM ports can be replaced by COM port converter modules
● VGA and HDMI interface
● Plugin terminal block – DC input 9 to 36V DC
● Plugin terminal block – DC output 5V/0.5A and 12V/0.5A
● Pre-punched holes for SMA/R-SMA antenna connector
● Operating temperature range -20 to 60°C with 0.5m/s airflow


MIRO-2-2 can be assembled with 2.5” SBC 2I385CW-I44, Intel Atom E3845 or 2I385CW-I22, Intel Atom E3825 that provide

● RAM: 4GB on-board RAM (2GB for 2I385CW-I22)
● Storage: SATA 2.0 SSD and mSATA half-size slot (SATA signals are shared between SATA and mSATA)
● Expansion: mPCIe/mSATA full-size slot
● Super I/O chip: F75111N-1
● 2 GbE ports
● 2 USB 2.0 ports
4 COM ports, COM2 to COM4 can be replaced by COM port converter modules
● VGA interface
● Plugin terminal block – DC input 9 to 36V DC
● The pre-punched hole for CIO108  digital input, output module
● Pre-punched holes for SMA/R-SMA antenna connector
● Dimension 37 x 140 x 92mm
● Operating temperature range -20 to 60°C with 0.5m/s airflow

In case the COM port converter or digital input-output module is used, there isn’t enough space for 2.5” SSD and mSATA SSD has to be used.


NET-I uses 2I380D-D92 SBC with Intel Celeron J1900 or 2I380D-I44 with Intel Atom E3845.

● RAM: 2GB on-board RAM (4GB for 2I380D-I44)
● Storage: M.2 B-Key 2242 SATA slot
● Expansion: full-size mPCIe/mSATA slot
● 3x GbE
● 3x USB2.0, 1USB 3.0
● COM1, COM2 BIOS selectable as RS232/422/485
● VGA interface
● Plugin terminal block – DC input 12 to 24V DC
● Pre-punched holes for SMA/R-SMA antenna connectors
● Dimension 30 x 106 x 85mm
● Operating temperature range -20 to 50°C with 0.5m/s airflow

Optional Accessories

1. To complete your DIN rail PC, we offer you a wide range of Apacer industrial mSATA, M.2 and 2.5” SSD and industrial SODIMM DRAM modules. If you choose 2.5” SSD, you will still need a SATA mounting kit.

2. DIN rail clip or VESA mounting kit.

3. Isolated digital input and output modules CIO108

4. COM port converters, RS232 to RS422/485 (CC004), RS232 to isolated RS232 (CC102), RS232 to isolated RS422/485 (CC104) or isolated RS232 to RS485 with screw terminal (CC105

The first samples of industrial DIN rail PCs NET-I-2I380D-D92, MIRO-2-2-2I385CW-I44 and MIRO-3-3-3I385AW-D90 will be in stock soon. 

For further information or for help with the LexSystem products, please do not hesitate to contact us at lexsystem@soselectronic.com

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